ADR pilot tranings have been continued…

History of the dissemination of the Adr Erasmus + project
– The dissemination of the project in the various localities of Spain consisted of:
Project information and what are the objectives that you want to reach the consortium of international partners.
A brief history of the various participating partners.
Distribution of the leaflets of the project.
 Exhibition of the work done and situation of some parts of the google drive output 1.2 competence maps.
Visiting the website of the
Generally, we form a small debate and the attendees express their opinions.


– Academy Educa Castellon, Spain. ADR drivers from various transportation companies
– Academy  Fadrell Castellon, Spain. ADR conductors, common basic initial course and cisterns
– Marbella- Malaga, Esàña. Drivers and Transport Managers
– Merida, Spain. Managers of special transport companies
– ADR- CIPFP Catarroja, Spain. Students in search of employment in the transport sector at the level of management and direction.